Rebecca Jane and Marty Mckenna

Rebecca Jane and Marty McKenna’s voices create a rare kind of magic. Their songwriting is unique and heartfelt, and their performances are captivating with deft guitarwork and beautiful harmonies. They have been singing together sporadically for over a decade, and this connection shines through whenever they take the stage. Their music draws on a broad range of country-folk styles, including Americana, bluegrass and English folk. They have been compared to the likes of duos such as Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlins, Richard and Linda Thompson, Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg. 

Rebecca and Marty were recently honoured with a Troubadour Foundation Award by folk music patron Andrew Pattison (founder of the Newstead Live folk festival among others), and are recording their debut album to be released in late 2022. 

Andrew Pattison has said of the duo, “Rebecca and Marty are close to world class in their performances… I have seen and worked with many of the greatest artists in the singer songwriter field… Consequently I often feel I have seen it all, and there is nothing new for me. So it is very exciting when, once every five to ten years, a new act appears to totally dispel that idea. Rebecca Jane and Marty McKenna are one such act.”